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Kim Reinhart

I have been working with skincare since I can remember. By the age of 12, I was on a daily skincare regime. At the age of 22, I began studying quality skin repair through Eli-Lilly’s Elizabeth Arden as a national promotional representative and make-up artist. Understanding there is a lot of competition and hype about the best skincare, I am honored to confidently represent T4 and can say that I’ve not searched for any other skincare product since 2012. I began using Tzone Skincare in 2012 with glorious results to include firmness, reduced lines, redness, faded melasma and a healthy way to treat my monthly ‘flare-ups’. Plus, I was offered a spa-like benefit that I was paying $50-$150 for – the guaranteed monthly, complimentary ‘peel program’. I no longer spend hours and thousands searching for natural, results-oriented skincare products. After learning how ethical and important quality skincare is to the Armour Golf family and the rest of the active outdoor community, I took the plunge and became an authorized distributor of T4 and Elia-Botanica skincare, hair and body products. This is my personal company site featuring authorized products which are manufactured in the USA at Fair Market Value removing the ‘elitism’ of quality skincare. I am proud to say our company is honest about the percentages of active ingredients and supports the California Safe Cosmetics Act.

We pioneered the FREE cosmeceutical medi-spa monthly peel program for our clients. As a privately-owned, boutique medi-spa brand, we continue to release state-of-the-art products at a fraction of the price with small batch production guaranteeing quality and efficacy. Using natural occurring organic products derived from items like citrus, almonds, sugar cane, beets, pineapple, apples, aloe, rice, and grapes. Sounds yummy doesn’t it? It’s the best decision I ever made and I hope to have you join me on this journey.

Let’s get you Glowing!

“Thank you so much, Kim! I appreciate you already. I’m in slight misbelief over how fast my skin is changing texture and tone… wish I would have taken before photos! I definitely attribute the success to the first package you sent and am looking forward to the next.”

Esther from Phoenix, AZ

“My favorite product is the T4 Dark Circle/Puffy Eye Gel! No matter how puffy my eyes look when I wake up, within minutes of using just a tiny bit of the cream, they start to look better and better!”

Sarena from San Francisco, CA

“I am an aging woman who has always taken good care of my complexion, but it became sensitive to nearly everything I used a few years ago. Good fortune brought me to Kim and her lines of high quality natural skin care. My face remains glowing, smooth, even creamy feeling and nearly wrinkle free with few signs of my true age.”

Barb from Greenwood, IN

“This stuff is amazing! It’s the best skincare I’ve had. The products make your skin so much smoother, and my face is not oily in some spots and dry in others, it has evened out as far as oil is concerned. It’s been almost 2 months and I have almost completely given up concealer, powder, etc. except for a few spot concealer places.”

Alex from Portland, ME

“I’m a sun worshiper, been a swimmer and loving the beach my entire life. When it comes to tackling any spots, lines or wrinkles, Kim refers to the strategies Founder, Helena Armour recommends since the Armour family spends so much time outdoors golfing. I learned that because Tzone is a cosmeceutical/dermaceutical supplier, these products have the highest strength the Food and Drug Administration allows without a prescription which gives me the confidence I needed to continue to enjoy my outdoor lifestyle.”

Kandice from Westfield, IN


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